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Material linked to may be incorrectly described or subject to restrictions such as copyright, licensing, or other limitations, and it is the sole responsibility of entities making such material publicly available to comply with all lawful obligations regarding their publicizing this material on the internet.

All users of our services must comply with any legal requirements they are subject to and observe the legal rights inherent in any copyrighted material. For example: You might only have the right to access a streaming link if you have the rights to otherwise veiw the linked video. It is possible that rights could be obtained by paying a subscription fee to a broadcasting service from which you would then be legally entitled to view or record the video in your home, or paying a properly authorized entity for a ticket entitling you to view the video. It is the complete responsibility of all users of this site to be certain they have viewing rights for any video link they follow, not just for links indexed here but for any links they choose to access on the internet in general. All indexed links on this site are only to be viewed in streaming form. It is prohibited to store or download, either partially or in whole, these links – even though some linked hosts may provide that option. It is also prohibited to stream any links contained on this site to an audience, even if done free of charge. Links contained in this directory are for the personaland legittimate use of our visitors and their immediate friends and family only. does not sell, trade, or exchange in any way any personal information, including email address, to any other companies, entities, or individuals; nor use it for, or make it available for, any purpose other than normal day to day administration of membership benefits. will never require payment for any services we provide, nor require enrollment or membership for such services other than the registration required for posting to prevent spam. None of the services provided by require any information beyond an email address.

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More information for copyright holders here: DMCA

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